BITHUB.WIN, the Minimum withdrawal through FaucetPay for the Free level is 0.1 USD, for the premium levels it is 0.01 USD, for direct payments Free level is 5 USD, for the Premium levels it is 2 USD
To Activate The Faucet it is necessary that you as a user see 1 Shortlink, This is due to avoid BOTS by cheating within our Platform!
There are 4 Levels of Commissions for referrals, The Basic Member level is 10% Premium Members are 20% | 30% | 40% and 50% You get this commission on all the jobs performed by your referral
Payments for Premium users are to the instant through FaucetPay or Direct to Wallet, For Free users It may take a maximum of 24 hours
With 2FA you can keep your account safe by adding an additional security step. If you enable 2FA, you will need to fill out a PIN generated on your mobile device each time you log into the website. Keep your recovery code Saved
It is Totally Forbidden to use Programs or Scripts that modify the user's ip, by using this type of program you are aware that you will be banned by the security system of our platform
If your account was banned by our security system, it is due to different security factors such as using programs, cheating or using scripts among others within our platform, you must send a ticket to review the status of your account, keep in mind that by checking your account you can be banned or banned permanently for misuse of bithub.win
Keep in mind that Purchase Balance can only be used for the following services, to buy Ads, Baners, Lottery, Memberships, Purchase of referrals, this balance cannot be withdrawn, it is only to acquire services within our platform